1.What Is Microcredit?

Microcredit is an extremely small loan given to impoverished people to help them become self-employed. Microcredit is also known as "microlending" or "microloan". It is designed to support entrepreneurship and alleviate poverty. The structure of microcredit arrangements frequently differs from traditional banking, wherein collateral may be required or other terms established to guarantee repayment.

2.What Han’ei Asia Fund stands for?

Han’ei Asia Fund provides a microcredit, short terms loan and others method of financing to client in Japan. Its operation was designed with a crowdfunding mechanism in the frontline while standard credit financing disbursement to targeted company or entrepreneur in the backline. In terms of financing technicality, it was knowing as consolidated financing.

3.The Future of Crowdfunding?

The market is big and very promising whereby it will become a major financing method for startups and business entity in Internet era. It works as same as a bank where people (investor) put their trust on crowdfunding coordinator like Han’ei Asia Fund to manage and disburse fund to selected clientele. Microcredit is fast and easy to manage the liquidity whilst can bring much profits to operator in short terms.


Han’ei Asia Fund manage five packages for investor to select and join while gaining returns up to 170% nett not including the principal, this package is were based on Japanese Yen in which the payments and returns being calculated.


Deposits can only be made using Bitcoin as to ease crowdfunding services being targeted worldwide. Please follow the guidelines and process flows as stated HERE. All deposit shall be made within one (1) hour time frame after checkout invoices. Please be advised to send a support ticket mentioning Invoice Number and Bitcoin Transaction ID (TXID) of the order.


Withdrawal process at Han’ei Asia Fund is automatic whereby no need to click any button or login to the system for the process of withdrawal being done. Returns of Investment from any package subscribe will be done on day 5th, 15th and 25th every month directly to the member Bitcoin wallet address after (5% withdrawal fees deduction). Payment will be done from 9pm till 5 pm JST.

Affiliate commission will be paid automatically after reaching YEN 2000 threshold. To Eligible for Affiliate Commission withdrawal on Unilevel Bonus 1% up to Level 10, each members should have at least 1 paid direct sponsor account.

7.Capital Refund

To safeguard members fund, we have make a capital withdrawal process one step secure. Although we love to get it as automatic as it can be, we must make the fund transfer secure by making a confirmed member wallet address same as the one's that on our payout database. Therefore we urged members who wanted a capital refund to send us support ticket under "Capital Refund" stated the correct wallet address.

For your capital refund process (here is our S.O.P being stated on our website).

"if the package subscribe end on 5th, the principal withdrawal shall be send to finance department on 15th and the payout will be available on client Bitcoin wallet by 25th" (https://www.haf-jp.com/jem/financial)

So we will process the capital refund based on these S.O.P. The refund will be available on your wallet at the proper time.