Han'ei Asia Fund


会社について / About Company


金融と投資の専門家のグループによって管理されて、私達は私達が資源の開発で最高になるために私達を導いた日本の倫理を維持するよう努めます. 中村多賀谷は当社の社長です。



Han'ei Asia Fund was established to rebuild an economically stable society.

Managed by a group of financial and investment expert, we strive to upkeep the Japanese ethics in which guided us to became the best in developing resources. Nakamura Tagaya is our company president.

Our main business profile is to create business opportunities with funds earned and we generate profits in a healthy financial market environment.

Started in 2019, we expanded our financial services to surrounding Asia country including Korea, China, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Cambodia.

サービス / Services

戦略 / Strategy

To manage fund and gain profit through multi channel including micro credit, bond, shares and crypto investment

探検する / Explore

Exploring the opportunities in crypto, blockchain and fintech business wise.

方向 / Direction

Targeting and enhance lower income people to involve in business and become financially independent and resourceful.

専門知識 / Expertise

Lead by the team of fintech and investment expert whose previously work with the financial company.

Han'ei Asia Fund アジア繁栄基金 ( formally known as Nihon Ajia kabushikigaisha @ 日本アジア株式会社 ).